Chaos Unbound updates

image1 (6)Book 2 in the Metis Files series, Chaos Unbound, has reached an important milestone in the editing process. Line edits are DONE. Finished. Finite! That means that the manuscript is in the proofreading stages. Its roughly 115,000 words, which means its similar in length to Havoc Rising. The proofreading stage usually doesn’t take very long, but I still don’t have an exact release date beyond “Winter 2017.” That implies February, but I’ll keep you posted as soon as I know for sure.

Chaos Unbound picks up where Havoc Rising left off, but only in time frame. You don’t have to have read HR to follow CU, although there are many characters that appear in both. Once again we get a little backstory about Diomedes service with the Grey Musketeers under the command of D’Artagnan (yep, he was real) and we get into the world of the Fae. And apparently even the Fae have boogeymen…

Stay tuned!

Audiobook for Havoc Rising!!!

For those that like to listen to books while they drive, workout, do housework, whatever, I am pleased to announce that the Audio version of Havoc Rising is now available! You can pick up a copy here  

I might also give away a few copies, so pop over to The Metis Files facebook page to check!

Contract signed for Metis Files, Book 3

So, its official. This week I signed the contract with Red Adept Publishing for the third book in the Metis File series, tentatively called Rebellion Reborn. While Book 2, Chaos Unbound, should be out in early 2017, Book 3 won’t be out until late 2017 at earliest. But that just gives me plenty of time to finish book 4! As always, I will post release dates, cover reveals and anything else I feel like whenever I can, so check back often!

Just because it ain’t there…

I’ve talked about this before, but because I’m in the middle of edits for Chaos Unbound and I’m running into it again, I’m bringing it back up.

For my books, I do tons of research and base things on stuff I am very familiar with. What I don’t know as well as I would like, I spend inordinate amounts of time researching. Way too much, in fact. However a lot of those details get left out because they are likely way more information than the reader wants, or maybe even needs. I’m a detail guy, so I go into painful amounts of details about approaching a beachhead during an amphibious assault–how the current changes, how the bottom changes and what that tells you. How you gauge distance and direction, what tools you use and that kind of stuff. I think its cool. But it is 1000 words that don’t really tell you much beyond the fact I am intimately familiar with the process being described. Eh, so who cares.

I get the same way with guns. Because so much of my writing is based in as much reality as I can manage (given that vampires, witches and immortal Greek heroes exists), I try to be as realistic as possible. So when I talk about sniper rifles and such and its glossed over in the final edition, please know that when I say sniper rifle, I have a very specific rifle in mind–like an Accuracy International AX338– and I know a lot about that weapon. Nope I’m not a gun nut, I just like to be accurate in what I’m talking about.

Oh and to the Men In Black, in Chaos Unbound, all the research on North Korea that I did was legit. And what I couldn’t find (which not surprisingly is a lot) I made up. I swear.

Havoc Rising SALE!

Five Star


When: May 25-29

Where: Anywhere electronic books are sold

How much: $.99 (that’s right, less than a buck)

Spread the word far and wide! The opportunity to own the most awesome Urban Fantasy currently available (until Chaos Unbound is released later this year) for a seriously ridiculous price is nigh! But as with all good things, it will be short lived, so jump on it NOW! Buy it for a friend. Heck for $.99, buy it for two friends. Buy it for that family member you can’t quite figure out what to get for their birthday. Buy it just because!

If you’re curious about it, read a couple of chapters for free, or download the special pre-prologue, also for free here!

Don’t make me send Ab and Duma after you…