May 7, 2020

Brian Leon

So I was entirely unfamiliar with this graphic novel/series until I stumbled across some news about this being made into a film for Netflix. My first reaction is “Holy crap, that sounds mighty familiar.” Like so familiar I had to look into it a bit more. If you don’t know it or aren’t familiar with it, the premise is as follows: An immortal from Greek mythology turns mercenary and fights for humanity from the shadows. Sound at all familiar????? The comic came out in 2017. My books were first published in 2015, but the first book, Havoc Rising, was written in 2012. Back then it was called “Humanity’s Fist” and it was the first part of the Guardian Chronicles. Now its the Metis Files. Oddly The Old Guard revolves around Andromache of Scythia, whom I assume is some version of Queen Andromache who fought (and was beaten by) Heracles. I doubt it would be about Andromache, the wife of Hector, because she is not a warrior. And, of course, she could be entirely made up by the author of the comic series. (I won’t go into Diomedes’ dealings with the Amazons at Troy. It was not pretty. ) Anyway, I guess if you find The Old Guard interesting, the check out The Metis Files…..

Charlize Theron is an Immortal Mercenary in Netflix’s Summer Action-Thriller ‘The Old Guard’ [Images]

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