April 25, 2016

Brian Leon

Right now I have just finished the first draft of Book Three of the Metis Files. Book Two, Chaos Unbound, is in edits. However, I have ideas for at least six more books right now. One of the upcoming books will definitely include Mesa Verde in Southwestern Colorado. The cliff dwellings are awesome and the overall mystery of the Ancient Puebloan people intrigues me. No–I’m not talking about alien abductions and stuff, but their relatively sudden abandonment of this area–still mysterious–is begging for a Metis Files storyline. First, however, I have to get through Cliff Palacea storyline on the Sultan of Rue Orleans–the Comte Jacques Saint Germaine.

As usual, Chaos Unbound, will have a variety of world-wide locations, including Spain, Libya and even North Korea. Yep, I said North Korea. I kept waiting for a knock on my door from men in black suits while doing my research. Book Three is a bit less globe-hopping, but does include San Francisco, New Orleans (both in 1919 and modern) and New York again. I’ll admit that as of right now, book three is darker than the previous two in its current incarnation. We’ll see if that remains.

As for new races to prepare yourselves for– just remember I do not invent things. The world’s myths and legends are my playground so you never know. You can expect Chaos Unbound to be more Fae-centric while book three is definitely more Kabbalah/Jewish/Christian in its backstory. Expect to see things like Bugganes, Kitsune, Tengu, Oni, Vila and the Dvergar in Chaos Unbound. In book three¬† you’ll meet Nephilim, Succubi, Moroi and the like. Oh, and Chaos Unbound will see the beginning of a nasty blood feud that promises to keep Diomedes on his toes!

So stay tuned…