August 11, 2016 / Uncategorized

Contract signed for Metis Files, Book 3

Brian Leon

So, its official. This week I signed the contract with Red Adept Publishing for the third book in the Metis File series, tentatively called Rebellion Reborn. While Book 2, Chaos […]

June 14, 2016 / Uncategorized

Just because it ain’t there…

Brian Leon

I’ve talked about this before, but because I’m in the middle of edits for Chaos Unbound and I’m running into it again, I’m bringing it back up. For my books, […]

May 23, 2016 / Uncategorized

Havoc Rising SALE!

Brian Leon

  When: May 25-29 Where: Anywhere electronic books are sold How much: $.99 (that’s right, less than a buck) Spread the word far and wide! The opportunity to own the […]

May 4, 2016 / Uncategorized

Follow me over at Bookbub

Brian Leon

There’s this website for avid readers called Bookbub. If you consider yourself a serious reader you should probably go take a look at it. And yes, its free and its […]

April 25, 2016 / Uncategorized

Upcoming ideas

Brian Leon

Right now I have just finished the first draft of Book Three of the Metis Files. Book Two, Chaos Unbound, is in edits. However, I have ideas for at least […]

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