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From the Metis Files:

Glossary of Creatures, Beings and Places Known to Exist



Spirits of children who die before puberty or a spirit that targets and kills children. Endemic to Africa.


aka Ab. Brother of Duma who are possibly the last of the Peri race of Anseelie Fae. He is completely unlike his race in that he is a giant nearly seven feet tall and incredibly strong rather than slender and quick. Not stupid, but rather simple minded and would rather fight than talk. He prefers to fight in close, toe-to-toe. Like all Peris, he is pale skinned, with pale blonde hair (which he wears very short) and pure white eyes.


A half Nephele Vila half human female outcast encountered at Gracen’s hideout in Seville. She travels with Tolfin.

Alysideus Prometheus

The chain that was forged to bind Prometheus. It was unbreakable except for by someone strong enough and whose motives were truly selfless.


Sidhe and member of the Seelie Court. Twin sister of Belphoebe of the Unseelie Court. She is the exact opposite of her sister in almost every way. She is tall with blonde hair and fair features and exceedingly attractive. Pleasant and friendly. Consort of Elegast, the Seelie protector.


The personified female spirits of slaughter, particularly in combat. They absorb the cruel and vile feelings from their victims and release them when killed.


aka Fae of Neither Light nor Dark, Traitorous Fae. Little is known about these Paran races except they are dangerous and thought to be mostly extinct. Not much is known about the number of them, but Peri, Blud and Vila are among the few races that are known.


Sea of Trees at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Known as the “suicide forest.” Haunted by the spirits of those who kill themselves here and the home of a Nexus through the Telluric Pathways.


aka Prende, Astghik, Tlazolteotl, Aizen Myo-o, Astarte, Cliodhna, Bastet, Kama, Freya, Venus, Oshun among others. Generally, a goddess of love, beauty and procreation. Mother of Aeneas, who Diomedes nearly killed at Troy. Diomedes injured her in battle.


aka Kartikeya, Mars among others. Generally, a god of battlefield chaos and the havoc of warfare. Diomedes bested him at Troy.


aka Diana, and Uhulanga by the Basuto among other names. Known generally as a goddess of the hunt. Her human avatar is Ditaolane.


aka Andunail, Brigid, Isis, Minerva, Neith, Saraswati among others. Goddess of wisdom, strategic warfare and courage. Slow to anger, she only fights for just reasons and never without purpose. Diomedes’ benefactor and patron. Secretly runs the Metis Foundation, though never reveals herself directly.


Bathory, Erzabet

Countess from late 16th century Hungary who was known to kill young women to bathe in their blood. Actually a Strigoi.


Sidhe of the Unseelie Court. She is the huntress and protector of the Unseelie. Twin sister to Amoret of the Seelie Court. Violent, bloodthirsty and unforgiving, she is tall with red hair and favors the use of a large recurve bow. She is also the caretaker of the known population of Cu Sith.


An Anseelie Fae. Thought to be extinct as a race, but known to have the ability to cloud human minds and influence them and lead them astray before killing them.


A Japanese street gang.

Bouvet Island

An island in the extreme South Atlantic that is one of the most isolated spots on Earth. It is believed to be the actual residence of Queen Mab of the Unseelie Court.


aka Brey. A female elf and Athena’s right hand at the Metis Foundation offices in San Diego.


A common type of Fae, or fairy of the Seelie Court. Small, often helpful creatures that protect the belongings in a household. Like most household fae, they love honey and milk. There are several kinds of brownies, including Hobs and Hobgoblins.


Literal translation is “trash.” The Peri term used to derogatorily refer to humans. Universally known among all Fae.


Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training.


An Unseelie Fae. A shaggy, black-furred creature with huge claws able to dig though almost any substrate. Has boar-like tusks and jagged teeth. They have a particular issue with water. Often used by Queen Mab to chase down and punish beings that have offended the Unseelie.



The Italian Bad Lands. Millennia ago it was the base of Duma and Abraxos’ family clan’s land holdings. Now occupied by Elegast.


A creature of half demon half human ancestry. However, the term can apply to any half-demon creature. Merlin was known to be a Cambion.


An Unseelie Fae. An Eastern European type of ogre.

Chahine, Gregor

Ipsissimus of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Tall, bald man from Sub-Saharan Africa who is built like a cross between a basketball and football player.


A person with the ability to know anything and everything that has occurred or is occurring. They cannot see into the future however.

Cloak of Cassivellaunus

A magical cape that allowed the wearer to turn invisible. Destroyed over 2,000 years ago.


Nereid, sea nymph, one of many daughters of Nereus.


aka Laslovara. A commune in Romania that is rumored to be the seat of Lilith and the home of Liuntika Coven of Strigoi. The town sits on the banks of the Danube.


Fifth century BC king and ruler who at one time held the largest treasure ever assembled—the Qarun Treasure. Once Croesus realized his enemies were close to overthrowing him, he asked Apollo for help. One of the things Apollo did was to set the treasure into perpetual motion so that it was never in any one place for very long. Among the items in the treasury was the Alysideus Prometheus.

Cup of Jamshid

A seemingly innocuous metal vessel that, in the right hands, can be used to see all aspects of the universe in all times. Some believed it to be a crystal ball rather than a cup. It was lost until recently.

Cu Sith

Unseelie Fairy barrow hounds. Enormous greenish-furred shaggy dogs used to hunt and for war. They are the size of cows at the smallest but can be quite a bit larger. They are often under the control of Lady Belphoebe, though she allows others to use them and has gifted pups to other Unseelie Court members. Their barks, usually use in groups of three, are deafening and portend death. They can cast a glamour about themselves to look like a more normal dog, but they cannot hide their bark.



aka Charles Ogier de Batz de Castlemore, the Comte d’Artagnan. Legendary Captain-Lieutenant of the Grey Musketeers of 17th century France. The writer Dumas based his famous character on him. He was killed during the Siege of Maastricht in 1673.

De Fariaux, Jacques

Marquis and Baron de Mande, ruler of the city of Maastricht during the Franco-Dutch War of the 17th century. He was a Fext.

Diomedes Tydides

aka Steve Dore, Theophile Arceneaux, Tydides, Son of Tydeus, Lord of the War Cry, among others. Son of the Greek hero Tydeus and one of the greatest warriors at Troy. Athena favored him above all others for his honor and courage and granted immortality in exchange for helping to protect humanity from nonhuman threats as a Guardian. He is 3,200 years old and the oldest of the remaining Guardians. He currently resides in San Diego and works as a fly-fishing guide when not working as a troubleshooter for the Metis Foundation.


aka Deeta. Guardian from the Basuto Tribe in Southern Africa. Rumored to have been born in a dung pile as his mother hid from a demon. Best known as a demon hunter and the avatar for the goddess he knows as Uhulanga. He is the youngest of the Guardians and has an uncanny ability to track any one or anything over almost any surface.


A Korean Seelie Fae. A regional type of ogre- or goblin-like creature. Generally harmless tricksters and thieves and varied in appearance. Skin color can vary widely but they tend to appear as if assembled by committee. Known to love the wrestling form of Ssireum and are all but unbeatable if attacked from the right side. Some carry special caps that grant them invisibility. Some also have special canes or wands that can summon objects.

Dore, Steve

aka Demo. See Diomedes Tydides.


Royal guard of the Unseelie Court. Chosen from only those of Sidhe lineage and trained from children. They shave their heads and wear characteristic long, black great-coats that cover them from nose to ankles to wrist.


Elite royal guard of the Unseelie Court. These are the most elite soldiers in the Fae world and are rarely seen outside of the presence of Queen Mab, so they are rarely encountered. Assumed to be selected from the best of the Draich ranks.


Perhaps Diomedes best friend and brother of Abraxos. Like most Fae, he is preternaturally good looking with shoulder length pale blonde hair and pure white eyes. He is supernaturally fast, but not especially strong. He prefers to use blades of any make and is particularly blood thirsty and violent. Has a strong attraction to the females of all races and an affinity for rare and vintage cars and motorcycles. Has no moral compass beyond his friendship with Diomedes.


aka Lord of the Forge. Perhaps the greatest living smith on Earth. Leader of the Dvergar. Dvalinn is rumored to have taught the Japanese bladesmith Masamune how to make swords and helped the Norse smiths by way of giving them the Ulfberht blade.


aka dwarves, Svartlafar, or black elves. These Parans are neither short, nor are they Fae. They do live underground and delight in creating things. Their leader, Dvalinn, Lord of the Forge, is the most renowned smith on Earth. They are greedy and manipulative, but honorable. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between males and females.



Elf and member of the Seelie Court as the Court’s protector. Called the Fairy Knight, he has long been known as a friend to humans and even fought as a vassal to Charlamagne.

Elmsmore, William

aka Geek. Tech expert and former member of the British SBS X Squadron. Currently works for The Metis Foundation.


Fawaz, Fakhri

sister of Mazeen and a powerful claircognizant.

Fawaz, Mazeen

suicide bomber at the MET.


Fairies. Any number of Paran races that resulted from the Schism that formed the two separate Courts. Initially there was only one race of Fae—the Sidhe—with a single queen. The rise of humans began to cause issues among the Sidhe. Some wanted to kill the fledgling race while others felt it was best to just let them be. A small group of Sidhe began to encourage the growing unrest. Tensions became so high that the Sidhe began to become corrupted, forming the various races of the Fae. This strife caused the Sidhe queen to split somehow—an event called the Schism—and formed two distinct entities with personalities cleaved along the same lines as the races. The Seelie, or Light Fae, ruled by Queen Titania, favored leaving the humans to their own devices, while Queen Mab and the Unseelie or Dark Fae favored wiping humans out. The small group of Fae that instigated the Schism were labeled as traitors and are referred to as Anseelie—those of neither light nor dark. No one knows how many races there are of any Court, but neither of the two Courts can hold sway over the other for very long without serious ramifications for the world at-large. Fae are all conniving and untrustworthy, but they cannot lie or break their word, which they are loathe to give. Honor binds them to their word. The Anseelie Fae are completely anathema and follow no such contrivances. Full members of either Court are of pure Sidhe lineage. Some Fae have issues with water, while all have issues with alloys of metal and particularly iron. They have no known life spans.


Slums and low income informal and haphazard neighborhoods in Brazil.Some are controlled by gangs and cartels.


An undead human creature of unknown origins only killable using glass bullets. A plague of these creatures rampaged across Europe during the Middle Ages.

Fraternitas Saturni

An order of humans focused on the study of esotericism, mysticism and magic for benevolent purposes. One of a handful of human groups that are aware of Parans and Old Ones.



A Sânziană that occasionally helps the Metis Foundation.

Genius Loci

A special prevailing spirit energy of a particular location. It is an energy that protects and rules over a very specific location. No one knows how this occurs or even how or if it can be controlled but they almost always seem to align themselves in some manner. It is as if a location has an embodiment formed of pure energy.


A smuggler of undetermined Easter European origins routinely used by Duma.


One of the smallest and least powerful of the five races of Jinn. Technically called Ghilan (plural), females are known as Ghouleh. They can shape shift into hyenas and take the rough form of the last person they have eaten. They are immensely powerful, long limbed humanoids but they are not particularly intelligent.


A village on the edge of the Danube River in Serbia, across the river from Romania. Also the name of a medieval fortress that lies along the river banks likely built in the 14th century.


A Seelie Fae. Tiny bearded humanoid creatures that live in the earth and are attracted to any objects made from earthly materials. Also attracted to almost anything shiny.


A Paran race, not Fae in nature. They tend to live underground near human populations that they use as a sort of symbiotic source of food and items (they collect their garbage and refuse and use it). They are distrustful of humans and avoid them, though they are not necessarily hostile toward them but they are protective of their families and clans. They have large eyes, bizarrely shaped humanoid bodies, and limited capabilities to cast glamours as a group.


A Sidhe and member of the Seelie Court holding the rank of Duke. He is Queen Titania’s blade smith and weapons master. He is the maker of the finest stone blades known to exist. Rumored to live and work in a forge inside a volcano in the South Pacific.

Golden Gai

The largest market area of Tokyo. Runs nonstop all day, every day and is always a sea of humanity.


An animated magical automaton created from inanimate materials, like clay, metal and even dead flesh. Almost always incredibly strong in nature. Usually only serve a single purpose or directive, which is most often to protect something or someone. These creatures are very rare and complicated.


A half Sidhe half Peri outcast Fae. Cousin to Duma and Abraxos. Runs a hideout for other outcasts in Seville, Spain.


Protectors of humanity. Individuals who have been empowered by a patron Old One and charged with defending humanity from threats. There are never many of them and most have never been replaced as their patrons have become weaker in modern times. No one knows how many there are or even how many have been. Each exhibits the strengths of their patron. In addition to Diomedes, only two others are currently known, including Ditaolane, the avatar for the goddess Uhlanga, and Parashurama, the avatar for Shiva.


Leader of the Sanbaek tribe of Dokkaebi.


Hanner Brid

Literally translates as “Half Breed.” A legendary Fae boogeyman of Blud and Succubus ancestry. Particularly bloodthirsty and violent. Blamed for numerous unexplained disappearances, murders and incidents. Has all of the characteristics of both sides of his ancestry.


Greek goddess of witchcraft.


Greek god of crafting and smithing. Also known as Vulcan, Mae’r gof Anrhydeddu among others.


aka Hercules. A hero from early Greek mythology who famously went on a series of 12 quests and was known for his superhuman strength. Rumored to be the son of Zeus and a human mother, Alcmene, but was in fact one of the earliest of the Guardians and an avatar for Zeus.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

aka The Order, the Hermetic Order. The governing body for all human magic users. They police all witches, wizards, warlocks and even witchers, which are not eligible for membership. There are different levels within The Order. Their leader and the most powerful human wizard on the planet is called the Ipsissimus. Other members of the third order include Magus and Magister Templi. Members of the Second Order include Adeptus Exemptus, Adeptus Major and Adeptus Minor. Members of the First Order include Intermediate, Philosophus, Practicus, Theoricus, Zelators and Neophytes.



One of the largest races of Jinn. Ifrits are fire spirits that can control earth to some extent as well as fire. They have black skin and feline features on a massive humanoid body. They are immensely strong and fast.


Sidhe of the Unseelie Court who holds a title of Lord. Mab's Warmaster. Not much is known about him except that he is tall and extremely conceited. Rumored to have a stronghold somewhere in Russia.



Persian King. Fourth ruler and greatest king of Pishdadian Dynasty. Famous for his inventions and constructions. Said to have invented wine, medicine and ocean navigation among other things. He created a special cup, which when filled with the elixir of immortality, allowed him to observe the entire universe and all its timelines. He was murdered after a seven hundred year reign.


A group of races all born of fire. There are five kinds, including Marids, Ifrits, Shaytan, Ghilan and Jann. They can be either good or evil, because, like humans, they have free will. Each type looks different with Marids being the strongest and largest. They cannot grant wishes, though they will serve a master if a bargain is struck.


A terrorist organization in southeastern Iran. They trace their roots back to the Medes, who were supposedly founded by Medus, son of Medea.



A Mapuche shaman who uses black magic—as opposed to a Machi.


A monstrous four-armed Phonoi created from the body and soul of a Habiru chieftain that Medea swindled thousands of years ago.

Kholat Syakhl

A mountain range in the Sverdlovsk Oblast and the site of the Dytlov Pass incident that occurred in the 1950s. Rumored to be the site of Lord Indronivay’s stronghold.


-A fox-like Unseelie Fae.

Koschei the Deathless

An ugly old man famous for abducting women and killing and raping them. He was said to be unkillable because he hid his soul inside a needle inside an egg, inside a duck, inside a rabbit hidden in an iron chest.


Lares Compitalicii

An ancient Roman/Italian protector spirit, particularly of neighborhoods and communities. They watch over their charge and help with keeping peace, and with health and food production, but they are bound to their area.


Queen and progenitor of the Strigoi strain of vampires. Also, a lesser fallen angel left here on earth after the War in Heaven in which the rebellious Watchers were imprisoned in Tartarus. While technically Protogenoi, she and her three “sisters” remained here on Earth and began unique lineages of Parans. Her sisters include Na’amah, Eisheth and Agrat. They were all associated with the Watcher Samael. Lilith may have been Adam’s first wife, before Eve.



Dutch City. Site of a siege in June of 1673 during the Franco-Dutch war where d’Artangnan, the famed leader of the Grey Musketeers, was killed. Diomedes fought as a mercenary during this war under the command of d’Artangnan, searching for a Fext posing as the Baron ruling the city.


A demon from central Africa that possesses people and drives them mad while committing incredible acts of violence.


A powerful witch and follower of the goddess Hecate. She was married to the Greek hero Jason and killed all but one of their children when he left her for another woman because of Aphrodite. Driven mad, she also killed her uncle and attempted to kill several others for twisted reasons before fleeing with her remaining son, Medus, to the steps of Iran. She is the archetypal witch and the basis for most wicked witch stories. She was also known as the witch Morgan La Fey before disappearing. With Hecate’s help, she is arguably the most powerful witch on Earth.

Metamaterial Cloaking

Modern technological concept of using man made crystalline materials to create a cloak or sheet that can refract light in such a way as to make anything covered by it appear invisible.

Metis Foundation

Think Tank dedicated to peaceful solutions to human conflicts, with offices around the world. Athena secretly runs it, though she rarely is involved directly and never in true form. Diomedes is the “trouble shooter” for the organization, taking care of issues that involve nonhuman conflicts within human issues. Offices in San Diego are at 13th and Island.


Vampires that feed off the life essence of humans. They retain their humanoid form and looks though their skin becomes paler. They do not live indefinitely but they can survive for hundreds of years. Like Strigoi, they are difficult to kill. Their progenitor is Eisheth.


A trickster spirit god of some South Pacific Islanders in the Vanuatu chain and elsewhere.

Mt. Gharat

Active volcano on the island of Gaua in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Possible site of Duke Goibniu’s forge and smithy.


A normal human with no special powers or abilities.



aka Ned. Titan and one-time guardian of the seas and oceans. Currently in self-imposed exile in San Diego.


A Sidhe and member of the Unseelie Court holding the rank of Duchess. Queen Mab’s Proctor. Rumored to be hideously ugly although one of the most powerful beings on the planet.


An Unseelie Japanese Fae. A type of chimera that has the head of a monkey, the body of a dog and a snake for a tail. They turn to a cloud of black smoke when killed.


Odin Brotherhood

A society of men and women that know about the other races and beings in the world and have sworn to protect humanity from it. They have no powers or abilities to speak of, and they operate in sleeper cells in various cities around the world. They can be zealous and indiscriminate in their cause.


A Japanese Unseelie Fae. Basically the Japanese version of an ogre. They can be almost any color and have varied facial features and numbers of limbs. No two are alike. They all share a violent tendency and a predilection for club-like weapons.



aka Parans. Non-human creatures and beings that are native to this world and exist alongside humankind. Most predate humanity, though some are the result of human interaction with a progenitor creature. Almost all Parans regard humans with disdain or distrust at best, though humans are also often food sources for some of these creatures as well.

Pelian Spear

The spear given to Achilles by his father Peleus. Hephaestus forged it for Peleus and it was eventually given to Achilles as a gift by the centaur Chiron, who raised the warrior. It was said to be able to pierce anything with enough force and had the ability to bind whatever it impaled to this plane. Diomedes took it at Achilles’ funerary games.


Queen of the Amazons during the Trojan War and perhaps the strongest of the Amazon queens.


A Titan. A primordial God of chaos and destruction. Father of Hecate.


The personified male spirits of murder, killing and slaughter. They absorb the cruel and vile feelings from their victims and release them when killed.


An island off Venice, Italy, that is rumored to be haunted. It has had a number of human settlements and endeavors on it over the years, but all have fallen into ruin. The reason for the perceived haunting is a powerful Genius Loci that has allied itself with the Unseelie Court. The island is now an Unseelie Stronghold.


A Titan. Zeus chained him to a rock and condemned him to have his liver eaten from his body every day by a giant eagle only to have it grow back. One of the earliest Guardians, Heracles, freed him. He was imprisoned for giving humankind the gift of fire, which he did by tricking Zeus.


aka Old Ones. Creatures and beings who predate humanity, and do not originate from our world or plane of existence. Some are benign, but many take on mantels of deities. Belief in their assumed personas gives them power and strength here in this world.

Pugnus Dei

Literal translation is “Fist of God.” They are an order of brother and sister knights who do God’s work on Earth. Their organization is largely kept a secret, but the warrior sect of the brotherhood are known as Justicars. They almost always fight in pairs. There are only 12 justicars at any one time.




aka Razkovniche. An herb with the ability to open any lock, magical or otherwise. Finding it is difficult. One way to locate it was to steal the babies from a hedgehog or turtle and cage them. If the mother could free them, the herb was present in her field. The other way was to chain a maiden’s feet together and let her run through a field. If she came out the other side unlocked, the herb was present.


An Unseelie Fae. Particularly bloodthirsty creature that looks like a small bearded man wearing a red hat. The hat is the source of the creature’s power and must be soaked in fresh human blood on a regular basis, giving rise to it name.

Ring of Gyges

A ring that made the wearer invisible. It carried a side effect of warping the morals and integrity of the wearer. It was written about by Plato in his Republic.


aka Loup-Garou. A type of werewolf. This particular kind of therianthrope is a human that transformed into a wolf and retains its basic humanoid form, but with heavy wolf features. However, they loose all sense of its former humanity and cannot shift into its previous form or completely into a wolf either. Very powerful, dangerous and feral.


Ogre and member of the Unseelie Court. Particularly blood thirsty and violent. Responsible for the death of Duma’s mate.



A large fire elemental that resembles a massive lizard-like amphibian.


A Seelie Fae. An Eastern European female forest fairy. Short and slender with greenish tinted skin.


aka Light Fae or Fairies. Any number of Paran races that are not necessarily benevolent to humans so much as ambivalent about them. They may help humans, if it has benefit for them, or just ignore them. Queen Titania is their leader, along with King Oberon. Other known members of the Royal Court include Lord Elegast, the Elf Knight and his consort Lady Amoret, Lord Goibniu, Lord Ygnvi. Known races include brownies, elves, jobs, hobgoblins, ferrishym, leprechauns, aziza, tanuki, alux, domovi, gnomes, dryads, fauns, kobolds, nymphs, sânziană, sprites and others.


Shapeshifting Unseelie Fae that transform from humanoid to pinniped form--usually various kinds of seals, but also sea lions. In humanoid form they exhibit grayish-green skin and seaweed-like hair with large eyes. Normally only seen in the North Atlantic, but can be encountered in almost any ocean or sea. Ruled by Nytrocyon, a member of the Unseelie Court.

Sellers, Kyle

aka Frigate. Sniper who served in the SEAL Team DEVGRU with Diomedes/Senior Chief Petty Officer Steve “Demo” Dore.

Seven against Thebes

The war waged by seven kings to free Thebes and restore the rightful king to the throne. It was resoundingly unsuccessful and the seven kings all died as a result. Tydeus, Diomedes father and the greatest warrior of his time, was one of the kings who died.


An Unseelie Fae. A huge winged wolf native to Russia.


Warriors created from the teeth of dragons. They form the backbone of Athena’s private guard, are nearly identical in appearance with no emotions, and feel no pain. They only know how to follow orders and how to fight. The most elite of Athena’s guard are named numerically using derivations of Greek numbers.


The traditional type of blood-drinking vampire common in Eastern European lore. Upon turning, they lose their bipedal humanoid form, but older individuals can appear quite human. They can live indefinitely off the blood of humans—and only humans. Their mother is Lilith and her seat of power lies in Coronini, Romania though there are numerous other covens around the world. They are fast, strong and hard to kill unless completely dismembered or burned to ashes and then scattered. Since these creatures are no longer technically “alive,” they don’t breathe and as a result, the young forms cannot speak.


A massive owl-like bird creature with talons of some preternatural metal capable of ripping a human to shreds. Generally used to guard vampire lairs and commonly seen along the River Styx. They feed on human flesh and blood.


A female creature that preys on human males and feeds off their energy usually using sexual lures. Believed to be descended from Na’amah, one of the four “sisters” who were fallen angels left to dwell on Earth. Hideous in true form, but clouds the minds of humans to take on the appearance of an object of sexual desire.



A Căpcăun mercenary.


The military term for a civilian vehicle that has been converted to a makeshift mobile weapons platform. Often a pick-up truck with a heavy machine gun or missile launcher mounted in the bed.

Telluric Pathways

aka The Ways. A series of electrical earth currents, both natural and caused by human/animal activity, that encircle and penetrate the globe in a complex pattern. It can be used as a sort of highway to travel to distant points on the surface of the globe quickly. Easily used by Fae and other Parans and Old Ones. Certain mundane humans can often feel the energy, but have difficulty using it. Most humans require the use of a Way Stone to open the Ways for entrance. Navigation is accomplished by feel and paths can be extremely complicated and convoluted, but rarely takes more than a few moments to traverse thousands of miles in some cases.


A Japanese Unseelie Fae. A stork-like humanoid bird. Believed to have taught Samurai kenjutsu, or the way of the sword. They use katana and wakazashi swords. Powerful and old Tengu can shift into very human-like forms.


Humans that can shape shift into any number of animal forms, most notably canids, large felids and cervids.


A gigantic half Ogre half Troll, who is mute, but incredibly intelligent. Capable of doing complex computational mathematics, far beyond normal human capabilities, in his head. Travels with and protects Aislin.


Large Unseelie Fae. They come in many different sizes, but they are usually humanoid with heavy, thick skin, powerful builds and poor eyesight. They are always belligerent and attack almost anything on sight. They can regenerate body parts, though it takes time.


aka Fortuna among others. Generally a goddess of luck, fortune, chance and fate. Daughter of Aphrodite.


Diomedes’ father and the greatest warrior of his time. Athena offered him immortality but rescinded the offer when she found him mortally wounded and eating the brain of a fallen enemy.



aka Dark Fae or Fairies. Any number of Paran races loyal to Queen Mab. They are decidedly nasty toward humans at all times and often prey on them for a variety of reasons. Known strongholds include Poveglia and Bouvet Island, where Mab’s throne is believed to be. Members of the Royal court include Lady Belphoebe, Duchess Nicnevin, Lord Rubezahl, and Lord Indronivay. Known races include bogies, bogles, boggarts, tikoloshe, kitsune, tengu, oni, imps, gremlins, ogres, trolls, redcaps, dullahans, spriggans, wights, and others.



An Anseelie Fae. Mostly female, they are commonly known as nymphs, there are several kinds, including Nephele or cloud, water and forest among others. Fierce warriors, they are known to enthrall and mislead men for their own purposes.


A Magister Templi of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn who works for The Metis Foundation.


War of the Epigoni

The war waged for revenge by the seven sons of the kings who waged the Seven Against Thebes war. The teenager sons succeeded where their fathers failed in what was the greatest war before Troy. Diomedes distinguished himself as the most skilled and honorable warrior involved. He was 15.

Way Stone

A special stone somehow in tune with the Telluric Pathways that allows the holder to open a portal onto the Ways.


An energy spirit bound to a Mapuche Shaman called a Kalku. It acts as a sort of battery for the Kalku, who can then use the energy to do things normally beyond them. A Kalku must grant them a body or physical form in order to contain their essence.

Wright, Sarah

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Agent in charge of the investigation at the MET. Former member of the FBI anti-terrorism FLY Team.



A Japanese ghost or spirit. Harmless.


A being under the control of another, through magic or some other type of psychic enthrallment. Not undead, just unable to think for themselves.​