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Brian S. Leon

Havoc Rising nominated for a TopShelf Indie Book Award

So, I might have forgotten to mention this, but back in June, Havoc Rising, the first book in the Metis Files series, was nominated for a TopShelf Indie Book Award. Ok, I know, Havoc Rising is not new, nor is it “Indie” but it is published by a small (but very awesome) publishing house–Red Adept Publishing. Anyway, yeah, apparently being nominated is a prestigious thing, and I am honored to be nominated for this award. More than honored, I am humbled. We won’t know anything until the end of the summer, but I will keep you informed as to what happens. Unless of course I don’t win. In that case, I’ll be sulking in a corner of a closet somewhere wondering why they didn’t love me enough…

Oh, and Chaos Unbound is up for a 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award, too…

Expect big things from Rebellion Reborn. I hear the Pulitzer people are already fast tracking it. So what if its right out the door. I’m an Urban Fantasy author, I take what I can get!


Written by Brian Leon